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January 23, 2017: GQ: “Beware the Slenderman Is More Disturbing Than a Horror Movie” : Lauren Larson
January 23, 2017: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: “Beware the Slenderman: EW review”: Clark Collis
January 23, 2017: THE ATLANTIC: “There Are No Easy Answers in Beware the Slenderman”: Lenika Cruz
January 21, 2017: LOS ANGELES TIMES: “Beware the Slenderman is a chilling look at a crime inspired by the Internet”: Meredith Blake
January 20, 2017: TIME: “7 Chilling Revelations from HBO’s New Slenderman Documentary”: Melissa Chan
January 19, 2017: ROLLING STONE: “Beware the Slenderman: Inside Chilling New Doc on Internet Murder Meme”: Elisabeth Garber-Pau
January 19, 2017: NEWSWEEK: “Beware The Slenderman: HBO goes inside the story of the girls who tried to kill for an internet meme”: Abigail Jones
January 16, 2017: CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND: “Film Review: Beware the Slenderman”: Randall Colburn
January 16, 2017: GOOD MORNING AMERICA: “Parents of Accused Teen Stabber in ‘Slender Man’ Case Speak Out for the 1st Time”
January 13, 2017: PEOPLE: “Should 12-Year-Old Girls Be Charged as Adults for Trying to Kill a Classmate for Slenderman?”: Elaine Aradillas
May 31, 2016: LATF USA: “Mammoth Lakes Film Fest: An Internet Meme Turns Deadly in Beware the Slenderman“: Lucas Mirabella
May 27, 2016: VARIETY: “Film Review: Beware the Slenderman“: Dennis Harvey
March 18, 2016: FAST COMPANY: “Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky On The Surprisingly Robust Myth Of The Slenderman”: Dan Solomon
March 18, 2016: LITTLE WHITE LIES: “Beware the Slenderman – first look review”: Sophie Charara
March 17, 2016: SCREEN DAILY: “​Irene Taylor Brodsky, Beware The Slenderman”: Tiffany Pritchard
March 14, 2016: “SXSW: Five Questions for Beware the Slenderman Director Irene Taylor Brodsky”: Erik Luers
March 12, 2016: MASHABLE: “HBO’s Beware the Slenderman is your next ‘Making a Murderer’ obsession”: Samantha Murphy Kelly
March 12, 2016: CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND: “SXSW Film Review: Beware the Slenderman”: Randall Colburn
March 12, 2016: AUSTIN CHRONICLE: “SXSW Film Review: Beware the Slenderman”: Marc Savlov
March 12, 2016: THE DAILY BEAST:”Murder For a Meme: The Horrifying Story of Two 12-Year-Old Girls Who Tried to Kill For Slenderman”: Jen Yamato
​March 12, 2016: INDIEWIRE: “SXSW 2016 Review: Beware the Slenderman is a Horrifying Look at the Power of the Internet”: Eric Kohn
March 11, 2016: THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: “SXSW: Beware the Slenderman Doc Director Says ‘the Internet is Not the Enemy Here’ (Q&A)”: Rebecca Ford
March 11, 2016: AUSTIN CHRONICLE: “The Strange Case of Beware the Slenderman”: Richard Whitaker
February 19, 2016: OPBs State of Wonder: Aaron Scott
August 25, 2015: 1859 MAGAZINE: Amy Faust
April 20, 2011: WILLIAMETTE WEEK: Ruth Brown
April 20, 2011: DAILY NEWS: David Hinckley
April 20, 2011: NPR: Hear & Now
April 19, 2011: NEWSDAY: Verne Gay
April 19, 2011: GOOD MORNING AMERICA: Sam Champion
April 18, 2011: CNN: Soledad O’Brien
April 17, 2011: VARIETY: Brian Lowry
April 17, 2011: CNN: Don Lemon
April 14, 2011: MSNBC: Morning Joe
April 5, 2011: OPB: Arts & Life
April 1, 2011: OREGON LIVE

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